Hashtag My Ass - See your instagram pictures featured in Etienne de Cr?cy's new music video!

Seven Digital Deadly Sins - Participate in an interactive reflection of our digital selves.

The Source - A series of filmed conversations about creativity in the 21st Century, created by Doug Aitken.

Street Art Project by Google Cultural Institute: Explore an ongoing collection of art from the streets.

Thru You Too - A music album composed of unrelated YouTube videos. Made by Kutiman.

Netwars - A fact-based cross-platform experience exploring the impending threat of cyberwarfare.

Sortie En Mer - At sea, you tire faster than you think. Whenever you go out to sea, wear your life jacket!

Murat is short fully interactive and animated comics from Motiv collective.

100 Years of Design celebrates the profound impact of American design from 1914-2014 and beyond.

24 Hours Of Happy - A 24-hour music video, featuring a looped-soundtrack of Pharell's song "Happy".